How It Works

Our approach is fully transparent and begins with our customers. We work together to understand the product challenges and schedule constraints they are facing. Once a solution is developed and approved, a key component to our process is the rigorous quality control and assurance measures we have in place. Audits are performed preproduction, during production and post production. We also require product testing and certification. We only use globally recognized third party services such as SGS, Intertek and UL for our factory audits and NSF for product testing and certification. We track your product from the factory to final delivery.

Product Sourcing & Development

We only partner with seasoned factories overseas with proven track records of quality, reliability and delivery. Our team works closely with our customers to develop new innovative designs or to modify existing products. We strive to find our customers cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Product & Facility Certifications

We are experienced in product certification and offshore facility audits. Factory audits are performed by globally recognized independent auditing firms to ensure all facilities meet social, ethical, and safety regulations. Product certifications are performed by NSF, TUV, UL and BIFMA.

Logistics & Product Management

Our team will deliver our customers products anywhere in the world at the most competitive costs. We work with experienced companies to provide forwarding, custom clearance, and shipping services. We track your products from raw material procurement, production, port of entry to final delivery.

Warehousing & Distribution

We have warehouse and distribution facilities in the West Coast and East Coast. Strategic locations allow us to lower transportation and distribution costs while reducing delivery transit times. We assist our customers with inventory management by maintaining domestic and overseas stock. We also offer third party logistics (3PL) services and solutions.

Our Process

Why Choose Us!


We connect you to the factory, eliminating as many layers as possible.

Best Cost

You pay the lowest price for the quality required.


We assist in product development and do our best to find the right factory that fits your business.